A Fair Judgement For Animals

It’s Time for Law-Makers to Recognize that Animal Cruelty is not a Minor Infraction   In this day and age of global humanitarian crises and massive human rights violations, it is often easy to overlook widespread abuse, mistreatment, and neglect of animals. At Animal Support charity, we strive to highlight the fact that animals are the most vulnerable living beings among us and shed light on instances of animal cruelty that are too often under-reported

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Animal Rights and Public Opinion

In today’s entry, Julian Omidi discusses recent studies which indicate the level of support and sympathy for the animal rights cause in the U.S. As the media, filmmakers, and activists present more coverage of animal rights violations than ever before, favorability toward the animal protection movement continues to rise among Americans. A 2015 Human Research Council study found that 77 percent of Americans consider animal protection to be “very” or “somewhat” important, and 70 percent

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The Benefits of Animal Therapy

In today’s entry, Julian Omidi discusses the positive impact therapy animals can have on individuals. Animals can be a wonderful source of comfort and unconditional love for humans; this has inspired numerous, creative efforts over the years to involve them in therapy. One example of this is Walk and Talk, a counseling program in the U.K. that connects youth who struggle with anxiety to companion animals such as dogs or horses. Project manager Jessica Cotton

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From Rescue to Neglect

In today’s entry, Julian Omidi discusses recent news of animal hoarding and its implications. There are millions of unwanted pets in need of loving homes across the country, and the individuals who choose to take care of them generally do so with the best intentions. However, the sad reality is that many of these animals are being ‘saved’ by those who are either unable or unwilling to provide adequate care for them. The Animal Legal

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Idaho Judge Declares Ag-Gag Law Unconstitutional

  So-called “ag-gag” laws that ban secret filming of animal abuse in businesses have been ruled unconstitutional, and it’s a victory for animal rights organizations across the country. The issue came to a head after the activist group Mercy for Animals released graphic videos taken from inside Bettencourt Dairies’ Dry Creek Dairy in Hansen, Idaho. They did not have permission to film, and an ag-gag law was introduced after the video went viral in 2014.