Michael Omidi

Michael Omidi is acutely aware of the vicious brutality humans inflict on animals of all kinds.  Putting a stop to this cruelty was his motivation for co-founding Animal Support with his brother, Julian Omidi.

The proper care of household pets is one thing, and there is much to be done in this arena (see Julian Omidi‘s bio for details).  But there are also a variety of human practices with animals that are less than humane and need to be better publicized in order to move more people to act.

Michael Omidi on Animal Support

animal support michael omidi

There has been a recent rash of dolphin mutilations and deaths in the Gulf Coast which are to date unsolved.  Animal Support was moved to offer a reward for information leading to the apprehension of the culprit.  Justice must be served and these majestic mammals that are dearly loved for their smart and friendly demeanor must be protected.

Horses are another animal breed that suffers a variety of ills and maltreatments.  Horses participating in rodeos, races and professional demonstrations/shows are required to routinely tolerate mistreatment and abuse.  And the beautiful herds of wild horses that once roamed freely in the U.S. have dwindled significantly in recent decades.  One hundred thousand of them are gathered and sent to Mexico and Canada for slaughter every year.

Michael Omidi and Animal Support’s Mission

This is the mission of Animal Support, and co-founders Michael Omidi, and Julian Omidi, to bring awareness to these animal cruelty issues, inspire other animal lovers to act on animal welfare matters, and most of all to protect all of the beautiful and wondrous animals that share our world.

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