Delta and American Airlines ban exotic animal trophy delivery

Julian Omidi discusses recent decisions by a few major airlines to ban exotic animal trophy shipments. The killing of Cecil the Lion sparked huge controversy across the Internet. Animal rights advocates made an outcry for different measures to be taken to stop big game hunting. One such effort was for airlines to stop the shipment of exotic animal trophies, and a few actually listened. As the Huffington Post reported, Delta and American airlines have decided

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Social Media Speaks Out About Big Game Hunting

Julian Omidi discusses the importance of the viral outrage happening towards big game hunters. In recent months, criticism of big game hunting in countries like Africa have gone viral. More people are sharing their outrage of senseless big game hunting of animals like giraffes and more recent, lions. One of the more vocal animal activists has been comedian Ricky Gervais, who has used social media to shame those who post photos of big game hunting.

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Euthanasia for Animals

In today’s blog, Julian Omidi discusses the ethical arguments for and against animal euthanasia. Animal overpopulation has been a significantly prevalent issue in the U.S. for the latter half of the century. Millions of cats and dogs are put down in animal shelters every year for lack of homes and responsible owners. There has been some conflict on whether or not euthanasia is the best solution, and if so, in what way it should be

In today’s entry, Julian Omidi discusses recent criticisms of the circus industry. Many believe that using animals for live entertainment is cruel and unnatural; others believe that as long as these animals are being treated humanely, it’s relatively harmless. In the past few months, activists across the country have been bringing attention to the suffering of circus animals and calling Americans to stop using live animal shows as a form of entertainment. Earlier this month,

Julian Omidi discusses recent pushes by large food conglomerates to use more ethical means to produce food for the masses. It takes a lot to feed a nation. Especially when that nation is largely made up of those who consume foods made from animal byproducts. Recently, more companies have made headlines for stating they will make adjustments to their treatment of animals when making their products. Will this have a bigger impact? And will more

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