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Julian Omidi co-founded the charity Animal Support with his brother Michael Omidi to provide a voice for the thousands of animals and pets that suffer every day from mistreatment and within abusive situations.  Within America, there are many, many people who love and thoughtfully care for their pets on a daily basis.  These animal lovers could use the helpful information provided by Animal Support about the proper care and feeding of their pets

Julian Omidi on Pet Abuse

At the same time, there are also countless incidences of abuse, many of which go unreported and unabated.  Animal Support was created by the Omidi brothers to advocate for solutions to pet issues such as:

Abusive treatment of pets and dogs in particular.  The abhorrent conditions within puppy mills are well documented and these facilities must be abolished.  Also, the practice or “sport” of dog fighting is simply repulsive and must stop. (Federal legislation to abolish dog fighting has passed the Senate and is now before the House.  Contact your representative to urge him/her to confirm this as law.)

The need for pet rescue efforts following disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or Super Storm Sandy.  Owners are often desperate to find and reunite their beloved pets with the family.

Julian Omidi’s Vision for Animal Support

Under Julian Omidi’s leadership, Animal Support will promote animal welfare groups (such as the Human Society and ASPCA) who are already doing great work and will also spread the word about the animal atrocities happening in our world and hopefully spur them to action.  The goal: a world where humans and animals of all kinds co-exist in a peaceful world.

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