Cat Abuse

18% of reported animal abuse cases are cat abuse, as of Dec. 6th, 2012 there have been 3,335 reported cases of Cat Abuse

How Serious is Cat Abuse in the United States?

Abuse can have a large impact on the development of a cat, the younger the cat the larger the behavioral effect it will have on the feline (also the type of abuse) even after it has been placed in a safe environment. Felines are the second most targeted victims of animal abuse of all pets, second only to dogs making up for 18% off all reported cases of animal abuse, the most common form of abuse of cats is neglect.

animal support cat abuseTypes of Cat Abuse

  • Violent Abuse / Physical Harm
  • Social Neglect (being isolated for long periods of time)
  • Poor nourishment (starvation and hunger)
  • Poor Maintenance (poor hygiene/shelter/feeding habits)


How you can help fight cat abuse

There are many ways you can help fight cat abuse, but the most important way to help is to report anybody you suspect or know is participating in the abuse of their feline as the majority of cats that are abused are never reported.

Ways to prevent cat abuse

    • Spread Awareness: Teach pet owners and children the tragic effects animal abuse can put on innocent pets. People who understand the importance of proper pet care at a young age are much less likely to abuse animals.
    • Vote for Animal Protection Legislation: Put those in office who support animal rights
    • Donate to Charities: Provide donations to charities that provide care for animals who have been abused.
    • Adopt a cat from a local shelter: Adoption is the best way to prevent pet abuse or harm, many cats are put under euthanasia if the shelters cannot find an owner.

Cat Abuse Protection Resources

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