In today’s post, Julian Omidi looks at California’s Proposition 2, the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act that went into effect in January. Fellow Californians passed the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act back in 2008. The act was designed to give egg-laying hens more space to move around. Specifically, it states that hens should have enough space to spread their wings, stand up, lie down, and move around. Farmers were given 7 years to

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Is Your Animal an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional Support Animals help people with their anxieties.

Julian Omidi discusses the rules of using an animal as an emotional support animal. Emotional support animals help many people who have different psychological issues. They can be used for many reasons like reducing anxiety when flying, as well as out in public if you have problems around large groups of people. However, the rules and regulations behind qualifying an emotional support animal vary. Today, we’ll look at whether or not your pet could possibly

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Ways to Help Animals

There are many ways you can help animals.

In today’s blog, Julian Omidi discusses the many ways to help animals in your area. There are many ways you can help animals throughout your community. Today, I’d like to take the time to give some suggestions on how animal lovers can help their furry friends. Share News on Social Media One way to help that is free and only takes time and a little investigation is sharing news on your social media pages. This

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The Reason Why Animals Need Support

animals support is needed to help them.

Julian Omidi discusses the reasons why animals need the help of human advocates in today’s post. In the mainstream media, animal advocates are viewed in mixed lighting. Some perceive them as commendable champions of the voiceless. Others view them as eco-terrorists. What needs to be addressed is the fact that animals need our support. Giving a voice to those who can’t speak Animal advocates speak for those who can’t use their own voice. Animals are

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Should Chimps have Similar Rights as Humans?

New York debats the right of chimps.

In today’s entry, Julian Omidi discusses a recent hearing in New York which is determining whether chimpanzees should be freed from a research institution. Should chimpanzees have similar rights as humans? That’s the question being negotiated in a New York court. In April, Judge Barbara Jaffe granted this historic hearing. Attorneys from the Nonhuman Rights Project argued on behalf of two chimps that they say are “unlawfully imprisoned.” They believe that chimps Leo and Hercules,

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