A Closer Look: ANNA Shelter


There’s no limit to the amount of joy pets can bring us, and their affection and companionship is incredibly important to pet owners. But caring for the health and welfare of these pets is equally important. Each year, thousands of cases of animal cruelty, loss, and abandonment are reported in the United States. While these cases are absolutely heartbreaking, one shelter in Pennsylvania is doing all that it can to provide help and care to animals in need.

Officially incorporated as a non-profit animal welfare organization in 2004, the ANNA Shelter has been providing care to lost or abandoned cats and dogs in Pennsylvania. While the acronym now stands for the Association for Needy and Neglected Animals, the organization was named after Anna, a stray Shitzu mix who was brought into the local police impound and was scheduled for euthanasia. Anna was rescued and brought back to good health by the woman would later become Director of the ANNA Shelter.

Starting with this act of kindness, the ANNA Shelter was created to give other animals like Anna a second chance at finding a loving home. Their mission is to provide lost and abandoned animals a safe, nurturing environment where they can receive necessary medical care, and be reunited with their owners or placed into a new home.

The ANNA Shelter also seeks to curb the pet overpopulation problem by offering affordable spay and neutering services. The shelter provides spay and neuter vouchers to provide discounted services to pet owners through their low cost clinics. By keeping the pet population to a manageable size, the number of abandoned pets that require rescuing is reduced.

In the decade since the ANNA Shelter was established, they have offered countless stray cats and dogs a second chance. They frequently hold special events and partner with local businesses to raise awareness and funding to continue their cause. The ANNA Shelter is an official chapter of the National Pets for Vets program, which offers rescued animals to service veterans who can benefit from the companionship.

But all of the ANNA Shelter’s efforts have not stopped them from pushing forward with their mission of providing care to animals in need. Recently, the Shelter has extended its reach to help abandoned and neglected horses find homes where they will be cared for.

The ANNA Shelter’s continued work has ensured that countless pets have been able to find loving homes, and it is because of their inspirational hard work and dedication to caring for lost and abandoned animals that we have chosen to shine a light on their efforts.

For readers who wish to support the Shelter and their cause, donations can be made on the Anna Shelter’s website at theannashelter.com. They also accept pet supply donations such as treats, toys, and blankets at their location in Erie. If you would like to adopt one of the pets currently available at the ANNA Shelter, photos and adoption information can also be found on their website. The Shelter is active on social media platforms like Facebook where they post announcements and upcoming events.