A Closer Look: Animals for Armed Forces

With Memorial Day behind us, now is the perfect time to recognize the hard work and dedication of those who work year-round to honor our brave men and women in the armed forces. At Animal Support, we realize the relationships that can be formed with pets are extremely precious and important. We also believe that current and former members of our armed forces are deeply deserving of our respect and admiration. One organization, Animals for Armed Forces, has incorporated both of these ideals into their mission statement.

The California-based Animals for Armed Forces has made it their goal to save abandoned shelter animals by finding them safe and loving homes. They do this by providing free pet adoptions to current and former members of the armed forces and their families. The organization works with local animal shelters each year to provide free pet adoption days where member of the armed forces can be united with an animal in need of a good home.

Thousands of animals are abandoned each year in California and are left to fend for themselves, ending up in shelters that are often dealing with overcrowding. Likewise, many of our brave military veterans return home with physical and emotional wounds that require a great deal of care to mend. By hosting events that allow members of the armed forces and their families to adopt a new pet, Animals for Armed Forces is helping to reduce the number of sheltered animals while providing them with a companion who can truly benefit from their love.

Adopting a shelter animal is a mutually beneficial act that matters a great deal to both the pet and the owner. We at Animal Support are proud to support Animals for Armed Forces, for their noble efforts to reduce the sheltered pet population by uniting them with members of the American armed forces.

If you wish to show your support to Animals for Armed Forces, the organization accepts donations via their website.

Animals for Armed Forces