Fighting Canine Cancer

At Animal Support we have had the great fortune of being able to work with many different charities, organizations, and nonprofits that help heal and protect a wide variety of animals. From pigeons and parrots to dolphins and marine life, these charities work tirelessly to help make sure that all of our planets animals are being advocated for.
One of the most amazing charities that we have worked with is the Magic Bullet Fund, which provides financial assistance to families who cannot afford much needed cancer treatments for their dogs. Working with the Magic Bullet Fund has allowed us to have a direct impact in saving the lives of dogs suffering from canine cancer, dogs that may otherwise have been unable to receive surgery and treatments.
With our assistance we were able to help provide treatment for the following dogs:


Tulip, a 5-year-old Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix, was suffering from a mast cell tumor that desperately required surgery. Tulip and her parents, John and Rita Pierce, will be able to continue spending every minute together hiking, going to dog parks, and watching TV in Cupertino, California now that the tumor has been removed.


This 8-year-old Mastiff/Boxer mix was also suffering from a mast cell tumor like Tulip. Luckily, the money was raised to help Abby get the help that she needed, allowing more time for her and her parents Mary and Donald Hull to enjoy their time together in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



Hazel, a 9-year-old Pit Bull Terrier, was suffering from Stage 3 Lymphoma and needed to receive Chemotherapy treatments. Without treatment Hazel was looking at a survival time of 1 to 2 months, a devastating prospect for her mother Shirley Debose, who says that the best part of her day is coming home to Hazel’s tail wagging. The treatment will extend the life of Hazel by an expected 12 to 18 months and allow Shirley and Hazel to spend as much time together as possible.










It is an honor to help provide treatment for these beautiful and amazing animals and we thank the Magic Bullet Fund for allowing us to be a part of something so special.