Animal Support Proud to Support the Magic Bullet Fund

Animal Support co-founder Julian Omidi discusses the Magic Bullet Fund, a charity organization that provides financial assistance for families who are unable to afford their dog’s cancer treatments.

Just like people, dogs can get cancer. Magic Bullet Fund founder Laurie Kaplan knows first hand about the stress and fear that accompanies a dog cancer diagnosis. Her own Siberian husky, Bullet, at the age of 9 was diagnosed with lymphoma. 12 to 18 months is the typical life expectancy of a dog with lymphoma who receives chemo. She was fortunate enough to be able to afford cancer treatments, and Bullet lived more than four years after his diagnosis. Kaplan wrote a book about her experience with Bullet, entitled “Help Your Dog Fight Cancer.”

“Those who can afford cancer treatment for their dogs are very fortunate, but a large number of dog owners cannot and this is where we [Magic Bullet Fund] strive to help,” said Laurie Kaplan.

Nearly 10,000 dogs are diagnosed with cancer every day, but most dog owners don’t have the resources to pay for their medical treatment. The Magic Bullet Fund was created in 2005 by Kaplan to provide financial assistance to families that cannot afford treatment fees. Over 300 families who were unable to afford their dog’s cancer treatments have been provided financial assistance thanks to the Magic Bullet Fund.

Animal Support is an organization that is dedicated to addressing pet over-population and abuse by promoting charities that work on the behalf of animal well-being.

Near the beginning of this April, Animal Support, co-founded by myself and my brother Dr. Michael Omidi,provided a generous grant to the Magic Bullet Fund, in support of the organizations noble cause.

“We thank Animal Support and the Omidi Brothers for their generous support. There is nothing more heartbreaking than not being able to provide medical treatment for a beloved pet” said Kaplan.

We at Animal Support are proud to support the Magic Bullet Fund for bringing financial help to families with beloved dogs in need cancer treatments. Animal support does not accept donations, but encourages direct contributions of money and talents to the charities and organizations like Magic Bullet Fund and those featured on our website.

By Julian Omidi