Animal Support Cofounders Pleased That Online Pet Retailers Are Now Held Accountable

PRweb News October 17, 2013

Recent regulation updates by the United States Department of Agriculture address loopholes that have allowed online pet stores to operate without supervision. Cofounders of the nonprofit organization Animal Support are excited to see these new regulations enacted.


CBS News and other media channels report on September, 11th 2013 ( that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently enacted a series of restrictions on online pet retailers in order to end the atrocious abuse of animals occurring in puppy mills. The cofounders of Animal Support, a charity that sponsors organizations that work for animal welfare, are delighted to endorse these regulations changes.

“Puppy mills are horrible phenomena, and we are glad to see that the loopholes in their regulations are being addressed,” says Julian Omidi, cofounder of Animal Support. “Thankfully, this latest legislation will provide oversight that was absent previously, hopefully end a lot of animals’ suffering.”

The new USDA guidelines will require all online pet retailers to undergo an inspection by department representatives before selling any pets. Previously, internet sellers were exempt from any type of regulations and could basically go on the internet and sell just about anything.

Physical pet stores have always had to undergo inspections by government officials, but online sellers were not under any obligation to apply for licensing or to even prove that their facilities were up to code. People purchasing their animals from a website had absolutely no guarantee that the picture of the animal for sale would be the same one that they would be given. Often, the animals that sold online are kept in crowded cages where diseases spread rapidly. People who purchased pets online reported receiving underfed, unvaccinated, sickly animals that were infested with parasites.

“These new regulations will hold online pet sellers to the same standards as standard pet stores,” says Dr. Michael Omidi, cofounder of Animal Support.

Animal Support ( is dedicated to addressing pet over-population and abuse by promoting charities working on behalf of animal well-being. The organization was founded by brothers, Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi to advocate for animal protection, rescue, adoption, and spay and neuter laws. Animal Support does not accept donations but encourages direct contributions of money and talents to the charities and organizations featured on our website. For more information about Animal Support, send a message using the website’s Contact Us function. Check out Animal Support on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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