Animal Support Backs Oregon Bill to Ban Pet Tethering

PRweb News April 25, 2013

Animal Support applauds the Oregon State House for passing a bill that bans the cruel practice of the long-term tethering of pets and urges the state Senate to do the same.


Salem, Oregon (PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi
 — co-founders of Animal Support – urge all states to follow Oregon’s lead by considering legislation that bans animal tethering. Oregon House Bill 2783mandates that a person is punishable with a fine of up to $1000 for tethering their animal, or charged with first degree animal neglect if the animal is seriously injured or killed as a result. The Bill passed in the House on April 10, 2013 and is now under consideration by the Oregon Senate.

The bill would prohibit the un-ziplined tethering of an animal for longer than 10 hours per day. However, an animal can be tethered if that animal is in the presence of a human for the duration, or if the tethered dogs are used for sledding, herding or livestock protection.

Although the inherent abuse of leaving an animal tethered without access to food or water for long stretches is obvious, the practice of tethering can even have a negative and even dangerous impact on an animal whose owner thinks that he or she is providing adequate care. Dogs are social animals; when they are isolated and restrained for hours, they can become highly aggressive and protective of the small area to which they have been confined. Dogs that are chained or tethered for the majority of the day are more likely to attack other dogs and even their owners.

Tethering exposes animals to harm from all manner of elements. Not only are the animals often injured from the restraints placed upon them, they are also helpless against predators that may enter their narrow environment. Dogs that are tethered in areas which are in proximity to coyotes or mountain lions are vulnerable to attack, and dogs that are tethered in urban areas are in danger of being abused or harmed by malicious people.

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