A Disaster Plan for Your Pets


Julian Omidi is an advocate for the safety and welfare of animals across the world. In today’s blog, he looks at how to make a disaster plan for pets.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals hosts one of the most informative and well-researched websites on the topic of animal welfare and support. One of the sub-categories at their site, which itself offers a wealth of knowledge on the subject of pet care, discusses how to make sure your pets are safe in a disaster.

Here are just a few of the things ASPCA mentions in its comprehensive disaster-preparedness plan for animals:

• Put “Rescue Alert” stickers on windows and doors and other visible places. You can either make your own or, preferably, use official ones. The ASPCA website will send you a free one, and you can purchase them at most pet stores. The stickers note how many, and what types of, pets are in a home, as well as the veterinarian’s name and phone number.

• Create a safe haven. In other words, never leave pets behind in an emergency. Have a place where your pets can go and be safe when the unexpected happens. Ask your vet or a local shelter if there are any community-based shelters that will accept pets. Note: Red Cross shelters sometimes accept pets, but sometimes don’t.

• Make an emergency kit for your pets. Be sure to include any medicines they take and at least a seven-day supply of food and water.
Let’s all make our homes as safe for our pets as they are for us. Spend a few minutes writing a disaster plan for all the humans and animals that live in your home. Even our furry and feathery friends are members of the family!

Be good to each other (and to your pets!),

Julian Omidi

Julian Omidi, along with his brother Michael and mother Cindy, are advocates and co-founders of Animal Support and a number of other charities and organizations that are dedicated to promoting the health and wellbeing of all living creatures.