Refurbographs raise money for Animal Shelters

Refurb, a three-legged cat that has become a hit on Reddit and Imgur, is now using her “celebrity” power to help raise money for animal shelters. 

Since January of 2013 Refurb has been providing laughs for her videos and images on Imgur, but has most recently come to more fame when several pictures surfaced on the front page of the photosharing website.

Refurb was rescued by her current owner after the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota amputated her leg following an event where a horse stomped on the leg when she was one month old. That current owner (identified under the username Akslfak) gave her the name Refurb because she was “Refurbished.”

After posting to a forum on Something Awful, a user jokingly offered to pay for an autograph from Refurb, to which Akslfax replied with equal humor that if they donated to a local animal shelter and provided proof he would send a “Refurbograph.” In less than a week 35 donations from the US and other countries had been made in exchange for a Refurbograph. To date more than $1,000 has been raised as a result.

If you would like to help support animal shelters and receive a Refurbograph, you can learn more and do so via Reddit.