Animal Defenders Roars Appreciation for New Charity Partner Animal Support

PRweb News September 13, 2013

Animal Defenders International (ADI) offers their thanks to Animal Support and cofounders Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi for their support and endorsement.


(PRWEB) September 13, 2013

Animal Defenders International, an organization dedicated to the welfare of animals in the entertainment and medical industries, appreciates the support of Dr. Michael Omidi and his brother Julian Omidi cofounders of the charity, Animal Support.

Jan Creamer, ADI President: “We thank Animal Support for contributing to ADI’s campaigns across the globe. We look forward to a successful and long-term partnership.”

ADI ( is a campaigning organization that lobbies to introduce animal protection legislation and stop the use of wild animals in circuses and for research. Their campaign, Stop Circus Suffering, has helped to end the use of captive wild animals for circus entertainment in Bolivia and Peru. Additionally, ADI has rescued captive animals from inhumane conditions and moved them into protected sanctuaries where they are rehabilitated and, occasionally, reintroduced into the wild.

ADI uses a comprehensive approach to ending animal abuse by gathering data, performing social, economic and scientific research, publishing reports and drafting legislation entirely in-house. By relying upon their own resources for the discovery, analysis and publication of widespread abuses, ADI is able to focus on a wide range of animal concerns, including wild animal trafficking, the use of animals for sport (horse racing and greyhound racing), the use of animals for fur and exposing inhumane conditions on livestock farms and animal processing facilities.

Animal Support ( is dedicated to addressing pet over-population and abuse by promoting charities working on behalf of animal well-being. The organization was founded by brothers Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi to advocate for animal protection, rescue, adoption, and spay and neuter laws. Animal Support does not accept donations but encourages direct contributions of money and talents to the charities and organizations featured on our website. For more information about Animal Support, send a message using the website’s Contact Us function, check out Animal Support on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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