Pet Over-Population is a Serious Problem; Animal Support Advocates for Greater Public Involvement

PRweb News January 12, 2013

Animal Support and its co-founders, Michael Omidi, MD and Julian Omidi, endorse and support Social Compassion in Legislation, a non-profit working to reduce pet overpopulation in California.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 11, 2013

The numbers are simply shocking. In 2012, in California alone, nearly 500,000 pets have been killed in animal shelters and tax payers have paid nearly $250 million to do it. and its co-founders Michael Omidi, MD and Julian Omidi support the efforts of Social Compassion in Legislation (SCIL) to protect animals from such a dire ending.

One of SCIL’s primary goals is to pass comprehensive spay and neuter legislation across California. The organization endorsed the California Health Pets Act (AB 1634) which was defeated in 2008. This type of legislation provides a reasonable, fiscally-responsible step towards reducing pet overpopulation in California. Typically, the legislation simply requires that dogs be spayed or neutered unless their owner/guardian obtains an unaltered dog license when they license their animal. Frequently this legislation also requires that roaming cats be spayed and neutered by their owner/guardian.

The number of dogs and cats entering our shelters is currently on the rise. Approximately one million dogs and cats enter California’s shelters each year, and more than half of them are euthanized (killed) simply because there are not enough homes for them. This massive number of homeless pets actually means that every dog born in the state of California has nearly a one in four chance of becoming homeless and dying in a shelter while two-thirds of the cats entering California shelters are euthanized

Social Compassion in Legislation ( is a non-profit animal welfare organization that advocates for state and local policy changes and implementation, community outreach, education, and private and public programs. The organization is currently focused on reducing the cost to taxpayers in regards to pet overpopulation and also works on innovative public and private programs such as The Pet Lover’s License Plate program, which generates fund for local programs to promote spay and neutering of companion animals. was co-founded by Julian Omidi and his brother Michael Omidi with the mission of ending animal abuse by recommending charities and organizations that fight to stop this horrific practice. This website will soon contain a network of resources committed to animal protection, rescue and adoption. If you would like to join the fight to end animal abuse and neglect or would like more information about Animal Support, please send a message using the website’s Contact Us function. Check out the Animal Support Facebook page at: and follow us on Pinterest and Twitter.

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